In the Internet appeared the video, where at night the Voronezh drove front-line bomber su-24. The aircraft with removed wings was towed by KrAZ with military rooms in vehicles, accompanied by military traffic police. About it reports the edition Rossiiskii Dialog.

As it was established,
the bomber was transported from Baltimore to Voronezh factory for repair. Movement
on the way unusual motorcade was blocked, he moved with
a speed of five kilometers per hour and caused the city’s night traffic.

Su-24 supersonic
front-line bomber with variable sweep wing, is on
armed with 1975.

Previously the video hit shots as landing ship “Alexander Trakowski reflect systems AK-725 attacks of the imaginary enemy.

As naval targets
used float shield, pre-set in the waters of the polygon. When
the conduct of volley-firing the target was successfully hit . Then the crew of the BDK
crossed minefields imaginary enemy, which was billed
mine countermeasure ships of the connection of the Kola flotilla of diverse forces SF.