In recent years, more and more forecasters are saying about the imminent collapse of the United States. However, what will actually be in place of the current superpower, almost all the seers speak differently. Recently, the Network appeared the suicide prediction Russian sorcerer Yury Longo. About it writes the edition Rossiiskii Dialog.

According to Longo, all
the Americans attempted to establish world dominance in the twenty-first century will be in vain
as the final stage of the US as a superpower.

Moreover, the situation in this
the country will become so deplorable that Americans will begin to remember your
colonial times and envy the lives of their ancestors. They
be persistent glances toward thriving in the UK.

According to MAG, the situation
in the country so deteriorate that the US wants to once again become a colony
UK . The result of such a political move, America will be
a kind of overseas region in Britain, all will be satisfied.

Informed participant bitwy ekstrasensov Malahat Nazarov shocked the world predictions about Russia.

According to the psychic,
Russia will be the life raft when the whole world will shake war
revolution, and natural disasters. It is to Russia will come all the Republic
The USSR and Japan and Germany will offer fruitful cooperation.