In Yevpatoriya FSB units used during the storming of unique robotic systems “Tornado” and “Nerekhta”. In the video, filmed by operators of the Centre of public relations of FSB, you can see ways to use the combat robot in the situation of combat training. Initially, the car “Nerekhta” tail number “03” fires machine gun PKT window of a multistory building. About it reports the edition Rossiiskii Dialog.

Then the robot “Tornado” up several flights of stairs
sanatorium due to the unique wheeled chassis. Controls the robot
“Tornado” operator via laptop over secure channels

Moreover, the video was seen a unique armored “Falcatus”.

Previously, the Internet exploded spectacular footage of the elimination of terrorists by the FSB in the Black sea.

Initially, the possibility
the release of terrorists outside the territorial waters of the Russian Federation were blocked
border . In the short term was carried out special operation
the release of the hostages, during which carried out a secretive approach and
the rise of frogmen, dropping paratroopers and the landing of the boarding group
on hijacked sites.