Earlier, the media published information about the “secret cremation” car crash, reports Russian Dialogue, with reference to “Days.ru”.

The result is evidence that members of the media made an attempt to enter the graveyard with the purpose of finding “traces of a funeral” actress.

As it turned out, Ankudinovka cemetery are the graves of the father and brother of the star of the series “My fair nanny”, where, according to rumors, secretly buried the ashes Anastasia.

After the so-called searches urns with ashes of the celebrities failed to find fresh tracks. On this basis, it was concluded that the car crash is still alive.

As previously reported by Russian Dialogue, terminally ill actress Anastasia Zavorotnyuk at the moment is in the clinic on the ruble in the village of Zhukovka.

We will remind, about health suffering from cancer actress Anastasia Zavorotnyuk will now be reported in two accounts.

Earlier we talked about the fact that the eldest daughter Anastasia Zavorotnyuk on the personal page in the social network unveiled a photo of the actress with her husband Peter Chernyshev in the Church as a congratulations on the anniversary of the wedding. Anna decided to talk about family life, to prevent a flood of fakes appearing in the media on the background of the disease of “nanny”.