For the Day fighters of the army special forces of the Russian Federation in the Internet appeared the video, which talks about the martial exploits of Russian soldiers in Palmyra. In the resulting footage shows how the soldiers move on the backdrop of famous monuments and architectural creations. About it reports the edition Rossiiskii Dialog.

Military experts
note that the footage of Palmira appear only ten people. With
given that several soldiers still in the outposts,
we can think of the number of special forces groups of 13-16 people.

Depending on
the complexity of the operation the soldiers were able to use armored vehicles,
grenade launchers or anti-tank missiles, mortars. Before getting in
the enemy commandos necessarily, according to the speaker, study
local languages and dialects. In this case, Arabic and Novoarbatsky languages.
The statement specifically pointed notes with Arabic script .

Previously, the Network got spectacular pictures of Russian special forces in Syria, dedicated to the Day of special operations Forces.

On photographic can
look at the well-equipped “polite people”. They are armed
machine guns and Kalashnikov machine guns. As you know, our special forces into
good account of the AK-103, AK-105 and AK-74M.