In the Internet there were pictures depicting the production and testing of the newest Russian armored vehicles. In the published video contains a whole range of new armored fighting vehicles: armoured car To volume-53949 armoured modular vehicle-To-63968 “Typhoon” armored car K-4386 “Typhoon-airborne” for the airborne troops, armored uniform chassis K-53958 “Tornado”. About it reports the edition Rossiiskii Dialog.

the military-industrial concern has published photos, which show
technology of production of armored vehicles are unified K-53958
“Tornado”, armored modular vehicle-To-63968

Previously, the Network has shown what can happen with an armored car “Typhoon-airborne” after the explosion.

War machine К4386
“The Typhoon is airborne” is a modification of an armored car “Typhoon”
on the basis of KAMAZ . Its advantages include the ability to fly
parachutes and the ability to defend against
any small arms up to heavy machine guns.