The Minister of social policy of Ukraine Yulia Sokolovskaya said that the new edition of the Labor code will be aimed at liberalization of labor relations between the employer and the employee.

“Now the Labour code at the stage of concept, which we offer. In fact, there is a desire that he was quite liberal, including in terms of contractual relations. The main idea is that our labour relations were less regulated. You must know how much employer should create a workspace, and then, if he’s not up to the employee, what difficult procedure of dismissal. The document is aimed at liberalizing the relationship of employer and employee,” – said Sokolowski in an exclusive interview to Agency “Interfax-Ukraine”.

The Minister noted that flexibility in the labour market and in labour relations is important for everyone, because it will create more jobs.

“That’s the essence of liberalization, so that employers were not afraid to create jobs, to it was easy then to administer”, she added.

Among other things, Sokolowski refuted the thesis that the liberalization of the Labour code for employers will be some kind of attack on workers ‘ rights.

“I do not think that the liberalization of labour relations is bad for human. There is the experience of foreign countries shows that the liberalization of labour relations really, jobs are being created, and there is flexibility for employees. This is not only for employers,” – said the Minister.

According to her, after three or four weeks the Ministry of social policy, Ministry of economy and the relevant Committee of Parliament established the conceptual things which we can enter the discussion.

Answering the question whether new Labour code as from 1 January 2020, Sokolov noted that “it’s a bit optimistic, but we’d like to do it as soon as possible”. “The team is working to time, more or less, to invest”, – the Minister added.

Full text of the interview with Sokolowski will be published in the Newswire and on the website of the Agency “Interfax-Ukraine”.