Plant for the production of self-rescuers company DEZEGA opened in Izmir (Turkey) last week, in 2018, plans to reach full capacity – 120 thousand self-rescuers and respirators in the year.

As have informed Agency “Interfax-Ukraine” the press service of the company, the new plant is to supply those markets that were previously closed are now on the uncontrolled territory of Ukraine, Donetsk mine rescue equipment plant (dzga), the supply of which was stopped in early March in connection with the blockade of the territory.

“In fact, the new plant is to supply around the world. Turkey was chosen, including due to convenient logistics in Africa and Asia, Australia. And, of course, the Turkish market is very attractive for us that the country pays great attention to improving safety standards”, – said the Agency in a press-service .

The company did not specify the amount of the investment in the new plant, but noted that the company’s own funds DEZEGA without borrowing, as well as Turkish capital.

Turning to the issue of competition in the markets, the company noted that the specific local competitors a bit – in most markets DEZEGA competes with the same European and American manufacturers, in recent years the markets are attacking Chinese manufacturers.

“The competitors that have clear, fixed range of products suitable for use exclusively in a particular industry, we lose in flexibility and agility in production. Depending on the industry, we consider many factors, ranging from legislation and ending with the physiology of the end user, which may affect the functionality and appearance of the product and, of course, the anthropometric characteristics (Africa, India), allowing you to offer the customer a little more than the competition”, – noted in a press-service of the company.

In addition, DEZEGA notes the innovation of its products, one of which was presented at the opening of the plant.

Currently DEZEGA also has a production site in Russia – LLC “USA”.

“This company operates, and focused on the markets of Customs Union countries – Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan and CIS countries”, – said the press service.

As reported, the decision on creation of new production abroad was made in early 2013 (at the time DEZEGA products are used in 30 countries around the world, then as now is 49).

Turkey was chosen due to the availability of strong local partners, proximity to a number of traditional markets, convenient logistics.

Today the company has already created dozens of jobs, it is planned to gradually build capacity and increase the number of production specialists. The area of the plant located in Aegean free economic area – 1800 sq. m.

DEZEGA is an international company with over 60 years of experience in several companies in the development and production of rescue equipment (including Donetsk mine rescue equipment plant (dzga).

The company has its official representative offices in the five regions of the world,

According to him, at present, the products DEZEGA has been used in 49 countries.

As have informed Agency in the press-service, in 2016, the company’s turnover exceeded $15 million (including JGA, had a net income last year amounted to UAH 82 million).