Today was not without new appointments (and how many of them there will be!), unexpected returns (no spoilers here) and court cases. With you the results of may 28, went!

The new Secretary of the NSDC

Alexander Danilyuk
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Well, specifically it is the purpose of the “wow-effect” did not possess, and about the alleged candidate was rumored for a long time. However, just today, Alexander danyluk, the former Minister of Finance of Ukraine, has held the position of Secretary of national security Council and defense of Ukraine.

Appointed him to this position with a stroke of the pen itself, President Vladimir Zelensky.

The return of citizenship Saakashvili

The court shall elect a measure of restraint in respect of Mikheil Saakashvili
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Not waited, and he came back! Vladimir Zelensky was surprised today by another presidential decree, in which the same “wow-effect” is present in full measure. The President returned to Mikheil Saakashvili Ukrainian citizenship.