MOSCOW, 7 Aug. /TASS/. The system of examination, which should develop the Ministry of education by the end of August, will reduce the Federal list of textbooks. This was stated by the head of Department Olga Vasilieva at the meeting with journalists.

“New approaches requires examination of textbooks. We have the order of the President, it is limited up to the end of August we should present a very clear expert system for the selection of textbooks. In the end, the number of textbooks will be reduced,” – said Vasilyev.

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According to her, now in the Federal list is 1370 publications that very much. The Minister believes that each piece should be no more than two or three lines in textbooks. “Among them should be basic and in-depth,” – said the head of Department.

Vasiliev also said that the project “Russian school” (NES), which will include educational materials, will be ready in a year and a half.

“This is a project that we must complete in six years. For the cost and effort, human and material, it should be a huge help for our teachers, because this school should be almost all”, – said Vasiliev, adding that the project has been under development for two years.

She said that it is not only about materials that will help you to prepare for the lesson, but also “a powerful intellectual base”. “Even the libraries, theatrical performances, various modules that will be in each subject separately. NES should become a powerful aid to our teachers. When they speak of history or literature, they will have the opportunity to conduct an electronic tour”, – concluded the Minister.

Implementation of the project “Russian school”, which will allow you to obtain a General education with electronic resources, began two years ago. In the framework of its implementation on the Internet will be created and posted more than 10 thousand the best teachers of Russia on the basic General education for grades 1-11. The project will also help children to go to school remotely, if necessary.

Russian President Vladimir Putin at the end of “Straight line”, held on June 15, instructed the Ministry of education before September 1, 2017, to submit proposals on the improvement of quality of examination of textbooks included in the Federal list. In addition, you need to update these tutorials on regular basis. In his assignment Putin also noted the need for the development and application of basic course textbooks.