According to Elon musk, trailering, which will be durable enough for late risers, will be available in just two years.

Tesla Motors recently gave at the conference, which outlined his thoughts on the future of the automobile

In addition
major projects in the field of space research and energy storage, Mr.
Musk invested a lot of money in a project aimed at improving
infrastructure in cities with high levels of traffic on the roads.

to the question, and when finally the time will come when behind the wheel of a moving car
you will sleep peacefully, Musk said, “I think that this will be possible
after a couple of years.”

note that one of the thousands of cars still broken down, to fall asleep at the wheel
you probably still will be uncomfortable, – said Musk. But at the same time
this issue will never be solved. No system will never be perfect .”

what is the last project of the Mask is infrastructure and tunneling equipment
The Boring Company. My idea for this company Musk conceived in December
last year, standing in traffic. Then he wrote on Twitter about his desire to create
“the tunnel boring machine and start digging.” We will remind, recently Musk urged to begin to mix people with machines.

By the way, last month at Elon musk started an affair with his ex-wife johnny Depp.

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