The previous occupant of the White house Barack Obama shortly before the end of the presidential term was ready to strike at North Korea, but abandoned that plan.

About this writes correspondent of the New York Times, reports “Russian conversation”.

According to the newspaper, Obama abandoned the plan of striking at the DPRK , because he feared that as a result of the failure of the operation could ignite a war.

In addition, the former American leader of organized hacker attacks on North Korea to disrupt ballistic missile tests in this country. Thanks to the actions of the American hackers the proportion of failed tests in the DPRK had increased to 88%.

In turn, The Wall Street Journal writes that the new us administration is also considering a strike on North Korea.

In addition, Washington may organize operations for changing the current regime in the DPRK.

We will remind, the plans for the first meeting between North Korea and the United States as the inauguration of President Donald trump was cancelled as the us Department of state has denied a visa to a senior Ambassador from Pyongyang.