Missile submarine strategic purpose (SSBNs) project 955 “Borey” “Prince Vladimir” will set sail in August of 2017, as reported by the chief of the Russian Navy Admiral Vladimir Korolev.

forces receive in your part of the new rocket underwater cruiser of the project
“Borey”, which in the short term will form the basis of group
naval strategic nuclear forces of the Navy. In the month of August of the current year
Severodvinsk enterprise “Sevmash” will be launched next
SSBN “Borei” — “Prince Vladimir”,” said
Queens, referring to graduates of the Navy.

Also, according to
Queen, Russian specialists are already working on the design
nuclear submarines of the fifth generation, the construction of which is planned to start after
2015. Up to this point in the plans of the Navy of Russia to another
eight submarines “Borey” project to the strategic forces.

the designer SSBNs of project 955 “Borey”/”Borey”
the St. Petersburg Central design Bureau for marine engineering
“Rubin”. These submarines belong to the latest generation of nuclear
strategic bombers. Each submarine carries on Board 16
Intercontinental ballistic missile “Bulava”.

Previously, “Russian
Dialogue” reported that the experts of the Russian Navy successfully conducted the first test of
new rescue equipment of the submariner. The tests were real
conditions in the territory of Novorossiysk military base.