The citizens of North Korea who tried to access the technical documentation of the SE “southern machine-building plant them.Makarov” in 2011 and was sentenced to 8 years imprisonment, can be released early by the so-called”law Savchenko” next year, says MP from the faction “people’s front” Anton Gerashchenko.

“A citizen of North Korea Liu Ryu Seung chel is still serving his sentence in Zhytomyr penal colony No. 4. Lee tze Kiel is serving a sentence in Zhytomyr penal colony No. 8,” wrote A. Gerashchenko on his page on the social network Facebook.

According to him, prisoners have applied so-called “law of Savchenko”. “So they will be released earlier than if the “Law Savchenko” does not exist. The end of the term of imprisonment, subject to the “Law Savchenko”, – 06.09.2018″, – the politician wrote .

He recalled that representatives of North Korea was convicted of the espionage agents after 2011 tried to access technical documentation on rocket technology AT the “Yuzhmash”, and, according to the decision of the Nikolaev appellate court dated 27 November 2011, received 8 years in prison under article 114 of the Criminal code of Ukraine (espionage).

“I think that the fact that the detention and prosecution of citizens of North Korea for attempting to gain access to secret Ukrainian rocket technology and a fact demonstration of the real attitude of Ukraine to the question of the alleged supply of technology to North Korea,” said A. Gerashchenko.

He called manipulative information published in the newspaper “The New York Times”, about the fact that Ukraine is allegedly involved in the supply to North Korea missile technology. “The goal of the author is obvious – “put a shadow on the fence” and throw in American public opinion the idea that Ukraine is making unfriendly moves against US and, accordingly, it is not necessary to support it in its struggle against Russia,” – wrote the MP.

14 August on the website of the American daily newspaper “The New York Times” published an article with the headline “North Korean missile success linked to the Ukrainian plant, researchers say”. The article, citing a research specialist missile issues at the International Institute for strategic studies (International Institute for Strategic Studies, IISS) Michael Elleman (eng. Michael Elleman) States that the recent successes of the DPRK in the testing of Intercontinental ballistic missiles, “were made possible through purchases of powerful rocket engines on the black market, probably from the Ukrainian plant, which has a historic connection with the Russian missile program.”

In UMZ voiced NYT assumptions about the involvement of the enterprise’s missile program North Korea has denied, describing them as an attempt to discredit the “Yuzhmash” and Ukraine.

Deputy Minister of information policy of Ukraine Dmytro Zolotukhin said that M. Ellemann closely linked with Russia, where in 1995-2001 he headed a program to reduce missile weapons, while concealing this information in one of social networks. “So already it turns out that most of the “Western experts” who criticize the Ukraine, one way or another has been in the past connected with Russia”, – he said.