In India, during the protests has killed more than 20 people

During the protests against the law on citizenship has killed more than 20 people. Police arrested hundreds of people, but people continue to enter the stock.

In protests against a new law on citizenship in India has killed more than 20 people. It is reported by DW on Saturday, December 21.

In the last two days on the streets of the country once again left thousands of people protesting against the law that was previously passed in the upper house of Parliament. Police arrested hundreds of people. The government of India today announced holding of an emergency meeting in connection with the protests.

Protests with lethal outcome was recorded in the States of Bihar and Uttar Pradesh, where, in particular, the child died. In the capital new Delhi was arrested dozens of people, including minors. Many of the demonstrators were injured.

Recall, December 12 at India protests erupted due to the in force amendments to the law on citizenship. Allow for a simplified acquisition of Indian citizenship to non-Muslims from neighbouring countries of South Asia: Afghanistan, Pakistan and Bangladesh – if they faced harassment at home.

The law has provoked discontent among Indian Muslims, who believe that the amendments violate the Constitution, so as to oppress the people in formally secular country on religious grounds.

Earlier today it was reported 14 dead, but the day the number of victims grew.

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