Prefecture of police of Paris has updated data on detainees during the riots that accompanied the demonstrations of the “yellow jackets” in the French capital: to 16:00 local time, the number of detainees has risen to 105 people.

TV channel BFMTV reported, citing a police source, that the ranks of demonstrators joined about 300 radical thugs who started the riots and clashes with the police, especially in the 13th arrondissement of Paris on the square itali, which became the “theatre of violence” on the anniversary of the movement “yellow jackets.”

By 17:00 local time the forces of order took that quarter under control, and the Ministry of internal Affairs has stated that order has been restored. “We continue to monitor the situation in Paris as everywhere in France, keeping in touch with the President of the Republic and the Prime Minister,” said the interior Minister Christoph Kastner.

The representative of the Elysee Palace said RTBF that the President of France Emmanuel macron is closely following the developments in Paris. “The President stated that the area little Italy “yellow jackets”, but there mostly are thugs,” – said the interlocutor of the channel.

The result of such actions: inverted and broken cars, torched garbage cans and urban design, broken Windows, destroyed Bank branch, attacks on firefighters and policemen.

French media reported clashes during demonstrations in the centre of Nantes, about the arrests in Montpellier and the use of tear gas against demonstrators in Lyon.

In mid-November 2018 in France began large-scale protests against rising fuel prices. The action was organized movement “yellow jackets” and is traditionally held on Saturdays.

Initially the “yellow jackets” were protesting against plans to raise prices for motor fuel, but over time the movement began to Express dissatisfaction with the actions of the authorities in General and especially insufficient, from their point of view, using the state’s poorest citizens.

After this, the French government made concessions to the “yellow jackets,” refusing to raise taxes on gasoline.

In addition, macron announced a series of measures to improve the socio-economic situation of French citizens. So, he said that in 2019 in France on 100 euros will be increased monthly minimum wage, measures to improve security retirement, work overtime will be paid without taxation.