Police 16:00 local time and arrested 137 people in Paris during the protests, according to TV channel BFM TV on Saturday, citing the office of the Paris police.

Earlier it was reported about 30 detainees.

Among the detainees, the police captain. He was in civilian clothes, he was detained for disobedience to the authorities, the channel reports.

On Saturday in Paris held several protests. In a March against pension reform attended by several thousand people. Several thousand people take part in the March in defense of the environment. In addition, the media reported thousands of “yellow jackets”, released on the Parisian street.

The participants of the peaceful action of the “green” protesters in the South of Paris, demanding that the government and large corporations to reduce carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere, the Amazon to save the rainforest and help reduce the melting of glaciers in the Arctic.

However, in the ranks of peaceful demonstrators were provocateurs who entered into clashes with police, notes the Associated Press. As a result, the police used tear gas against them.

Earlier on Saturday, police near the Saint-Lazare train station used tear gas against the “yellow jackets.”

Preparing for Saturday’s protests, the authorities of Paris have reinforced the police presence on the streets, and forbade the protesters to gather at some points of the French capital, for example, on the Champs Elysees.