Last year the world observed the growth in the murder of Jews and violence against them, says the report, prepared by the Kantor Center at tel Aviv University.

“In 2018, it killed the largest number of Jews (13) over the past few years (note, however, that the mass murder in Pittsburgh in October was registered as one of the most unfortunate incident)”, – stated in the report at the disposal of “Interfax” on Wednesday.

The report notes that the number of serious incidents of violence against Jews increased by 13% from 342 to 387.

The President of the European Jewish Congress Viatcheslav Moshe Kantor at the presentation of report at tel Aviv University said that “Jews around the world increasingly feel that the situation is becoming critical”.

“Anti-Semitism is no longer restricted to the political triangle, which includes the ultra-left, ultra-right and radical Islamists. He has become a very common phenomenon, often taken by civil society. He represents a clear danger not only for Jews, but for society as a whole”, – said V. Kantor.

At the same time, he added that “anti-Semitism is a common trait that unites the entire political spectrum extremists as part of the policy of intolerance that threatens all of humanity”.

The largest number of anti-Semitic incidents occurred in the USA (over 100 cases), UK (68), France and Germany (35 in each country). It is noted that in Eastern Europe the number of such cases remains much lower than in the West for several years and continues to decline. For example, in Ukraine there were 12 such incidents and only a few in other countries.

In Russia in General over the past year not recorded anti-Semitic incidents of violence, although research by the Levada Center indicates that the growth of negative attitudes towards foreigners (especially Gypsies, Africans, Caucasians, Central Asians, Chinese and Ukrainians), including Jews, although the growth is minor, the report noted.

The main type of anti-Semitism in the world are acts of vandalism (216 cases), threats (89), incidents without the use of weapons (55). The number of cases of use of weapons and arson has decreased, the majority of attacks were committed on individuals and their property, the report said.

At least 138 individuals were attacked, damage was caused to the 104 objects of private property.

“This is because individuals and their property more secure than the synagogue (47 incidents) and community centres (22). Cemeteries and monuments are traditional targets of acts of vandalism (76 cases),” reads the document.

In October 2018, a 46-year-old Robert Bowers opened fire in the synagogue of the American city of Pittsburgh (Pennsylvania), killing 11 people. Another 12 people were injured.