The total number of registered unemployed in Kiev has increased by 60% compared to the same period last year and exceeded 13,5 thousand people, said the Director of the Kyiv city employment center (CGCS) Victor Bilic.

“The total number of unemployed registered at the moment (in Kiev – if) is more than 13.5 thousand people. It’s 60% more than in the same period of 2019,” said Bilic at a briefing on Wednesday.

According to the Director of city employment center, the largest categories among the unemployed in the capital are currently: 22% – former employees in trade, 13 percent former workers of sphere of public administration, 11% – former employees of the financial and insurance sector, 9% employees of enterprises of the processing industry.

“In comparison with the previous year the number of ex-workers of temporary accommodation and catering increased almost 3 times, the construction industry – almost 2 times, services – by 1.9 times, administrative activities, trade and entertainment and recreation 1.7%, in processing industry, transport, public administration for the period of one and a half times higher than last year”, – said Bilyk.

He noted that since January the Kyiv employers have placed about 8 thousand jobs, which is 34% less than in 2019.

“One vacancy in Kiev today, expect an average of two person, if you take the so-called method of correlation. As a rule, in Kiev, more than one-to-one in previous periods was not” – said the head CGCS.

The greatest competition for jobs exists in the field of control – here in one place claims from unemployed 18. The lowest number of applicants for positions of skilled workers with the tool, representatives of the simplest professions and non-professions.