In an attack of insurgents of movement “Taliban” at a military base near Mazar-e-Sharif in Afghanistan killed 150 soldiers, according to AFP news Agency, citing unnamed sources in the Afghan army.

Earlier the chief a press-services of the Central command (CENTCOM) us forces air force Colonel John Thomas briefed about 50 dead. Later, the defense Ministry of Afghanistan said on more than a hundred fatalities, but accurate casualty figures were not called. Media reported 140 dead Afghan military.

We will remind, on April 21, the militants of movement “Taliban” attacked the military base near Mazar-e-Sharif in Afghanistan. They dressed in the form of the government army has entered the territory of the base in military vehicles and opened fire. The attackers used grenade launchers and small arms. All participated in the operation about 10 Taliban. However, they have caught the military by surprise . At the time of the attack, some of them were leaving the mosque after prayer, and another part had dinner in the dining room.

Note, the situation in Afghanistan in recent months, has deteriorated markedly. The Taliban, formerly possessed a large territory in rural areas of the country, launched a major offensive against the city.

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