Over the past week the number of violations of the cease-fire regime in ATO area increased by 45%, said first Deputy head of the Special monitoring mission of the OSCE Alexander hug.

“During the week we recorded an increase in violations 45%. There are outbreaks of violence. May 24, in the West an hour there were over 500 violations of the ceasefire, including 170 explosions”, – he said at a briefing on Thursday in Kiev.

In this regard, he noted that parties to the conflict “is not enough discipline in the implementation of signed agreements.”

“In any of our report is evidence of the line of contact of prohibited weapons. For example on may 23, our observers saw a 122-mm howitzer D-30 in Donetsk the day before – in the area of Novoaydar we have seen a 152-mm howitzer D-20”, – said the Deputy head of mission.

A. hug also stated that at the three agreed sites, the dilution of forces and means is either not occurred or has occurred only partially .