Deputies of the Odessa city Council session on Wednesday was awarded the title “Honorary citizen of Odessa” filmmaker Kira Muratova, local media reported.

A proposal to assign the title of the Director to the city Council turned the Odessa branch of the National Association of cinematographers of Ukraine.

In the text of the decision of the city Council it is noted that the title was awarded to Kira Muratova for many years of fruitful work, outstanding creative achievements, considerable personal contribution to the development of cinema, great achievements in public life of the city of Odessa.

K. Muratova is a film Director, screenwriter, actress, winner of many awards in the field of cinema, the creative activity began at the Odessa film Studio. Her filmography includes 44 works. In K. Muratova films starring Vladimir Vysotsky, Zinaida sharko, Nina Ruslanova, Renata Litvinova, Alla Demidova and others .