The Prosecutor’s office of Odessa region in cooperation with the National police and the Office of the SBU in the field of investigating frauds with budgetary funds at building of the so-called “deep release”, in which a group of persons for illegal possession of more than 200 million and made an attempt on the acquisition of 370 million UAH.

“Currently, in the framework of the investigation on the basis of the judgments of the court and investigators in conjunction with the operational staff of management of SBU in Odessa region and the General Directorate of national police of Ukraine in the field conduct searches in areas of potential defendants and the premises associated with the criminal scheme”, – noted in Prosecutor’s office on Wednesday .

As reported, in 2012 the Prosecutor’s office of Odessa region brought criminal case on the fact of appropriation of funds of the stabilization Fund budget in the amount of 45 million UAH in the implementation of the project of construction of the effluent from the biological treatment station “Severnaya”. The case was investigated under part 5 of article 191 and part 2 St. 366 (misappropriation, embezzlement of property in especially large sizes; office forgery) the Criminal code of Ukraine. Some time later, the criminal case was closed.

Prior to this, on the initiative of the former head of the Odessa regional state administration Eduard Matviychuk in early October 2011, audit office and other regulatory authorities have begun checking the use of budget funds, LLC “Inkor Group”, which is the General contractor of the three implemented in the Odessa region national projects. The funding for this period was suspended.

In 2014 the then head Prosecutor of Odessa region Nikolay Stoyanov stated that the Department re-investigates the case of embezzlement of funds in the implementation of one of the national projects in the Odessa region – the construction of a deep wastewater outfall.

“This year we’re investigating the theft of 120 million hryvnia, which were allocated for the construction of drainage system wastewater from the biological treatment plant “North”, and in the case where not only businessmen, but also officials of the regional administration”, – he said at the time, without giving other details.

OOO “Incor-Group” was the General contractor for the three implemented in the Odessa national projects approved by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine. The company was engaged in works on construction of a new building of children’s regional hospital, construction of drainage system wastewater from biological treatment station “Severnaya” (the so-called “deep release”) and the reconstruction of Odessa infectious hospital. Total estimated cost of the three projects amounted to more than UAH 1.6 billion. In addition, the company often received large contracts from the city authorities and the state.