Acting head of the Odessa regional state administration Svetlana Shatalova asked the General Directorate of the State migration service (SMS) in the Odessa region to identify foreign nationals who were in the hotel “Tokyo Star”, where on the night of August 17 there was a fire, which killed 9 people.

“The main office of GMS of Ukraine in Odessa region is mandated to carry out identification of foreign nationals to verify the legality of their stay on the territory of Ukraine, to organize cooperation with the representative office of MFA of Ukraine in Odessa region to promote the documentation and the return of foreign nationals to citizenship”, – is spoken in the message of RSA at the extraordinary meeting of the regional Commission on questions tekhnogenno-ecological safety and emergency situations in connection with the fire.

The mission of the Ministry of foreign Affairs in the Odessa region is mandated to assist in informing the appropriate foreign representatives, whose citizens have an emergency, and also to inform the families of the victims foreigners.

In addition, Shatalov pointed out the importance to involve in investigation of causes of the tragedy of the Main administration of State fiscal service of Ukraine in Odessa region and the Department Gastrula in the field to identify illegal workers in the hotel.

As reported, in Odessa in the night of Saturday, August 17, there was a fire in hotel “Old Tokyo” by vul, 1 which killed nine people (eight people died on the spot, one in the car “first aid”), 10 people were injured.

According to the information SSES, among the victims there are people in serious condition. According to the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky, four of the victims – in critical condition.

Among the victims – two foreigners (citizens of Lithuania and Sierra Leone) and child.