Party Opposition bloc is outraged by the attack on people’s Deputy faction of the same name the Royal Natalia in Odessa.

Opposition bloc demands to find and punish the perpetrators of the attack on our Deputy Natalia Korolevska in Odessa. It is absolutely clear that the cowardly attack was ordered by the authorities, and executed by a bunch of degenerates radicals to intimidate the opposition and to disrupt the women’s forum in Odessa”, – is spoken in the party statement published on its website on Friday.

In the “Opposition bloc” believe that the government has demonstrated fear of opposition.

“The arson offices of the Opposition bloc in Dnipropetrovsk region, beating the head of our organization in Chernivtsi and today’s attack on Natalia Korolevska in Odessa is the reaction of the authorities that people do not go after them,” – said in a statement.

As reported, on Friday, June 2, unknown persons in camouflage poured over the face of the people’s Deputy of the faction “Opposition bloc” Natalia Korolevska green paint in Odessa on Friday, reports the local edition “048”.

As the newspaper notes, N.The Royal took part in the conference “Women for peace”, which was held in the conference hall of the hotel “Gagarin”. “The patriots declared the conference and participants of Pro-Russian and picketed. When Royal went outside, it was immediately doused unknown in a camouflage suit,” – said in the message.

The incident was preceded by an anonymous pseudo-mining of the premises, where the conference was held, after which forum members were evacuated by the police. “Go to it (N.Royal from the conference hall of the hotel “Gagarin”]) accounted for incoming messages on a mining. In a press-service of the police reported that the bomb squad examined the area and found no explosive substances,” according to “048”.