Thierry Fremaux and Pierre Lesur

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PARIS, April 27. /Offset. TASS Arina Lebedev/. France will take measures aimed to combat sexual harassment during the 71-th Cannes film festival, which will take place on the Cote d’azur, from 8 to 19 may. On Thursday evening, said the state Secretary for equality between men and women Marlene Chiappa.

“Signed a partnership with the Cannes film festival, which has committed to participate in the response to harassment”, she said after talks with official representatives of the festival – Pierre Lescure and Thierry Fremaux. “One of the rapes, which accused American producer Harvey Weinstein, has been in Cannes, so the idea is to say that the festival is unwavering in his positions,” said Chiappa .

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According to the French Secretary of state, will open a hotline that will be able to contact the participants and guests of the festival who are victims or witnesses of sexual violence.

In addition, as noted Chiappa, “festival organizers will be handing out brochures with a reminder of the “correct behavior”, which will stipulate the provisions of the criminal code that contains information on liability for harassment of a sexual nature”. The prospectuses also will include the phone number and address of a special site that contains information about how to behave in case of harassment.

The French authorities expect that the organizers of other major events will follow the example of the Cannes film festival and will take a number of measures to protect their guests.

Headed cate Blanchett

This year the jury of the Cannes film festival will be headed by cate Blanchett. The Australian movie star was one of the first who openly opposed the American producer Harvey Weinstein. “Anyone who, once in power, believes that he has the right to stalk, threaten and subjected to sexual violence of women with whom he meets or works, should be held accountable,” said Blanchett during an American show.

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According to the organizers, the jury of the competition included, in particular, the famous French actress Lea seydoux, canadian screenwriter Denis Villeneuve, the Russian Director Andrey Zvyagintsev, received at the previous Cannes film festival jury prize for his film “Dislike”, is an American actress Kristen Stewart, French Director Robert Guédiguian.

The organizers of the festival who looked at a total of 1906 feature film, selected for the main competition of 18 films directed. For the award of the Cannes film festival will compete, including the film of Russian Director Cyril Serebrennikov “Summer”, painting by French master, the founder of the “new wave” Jean-Luc Godard “Book in pictures”, the latest work of Iranian Director Asghar Farhadi “know Everything.”

A Letter To The Makron

In November last year, more than 100 French Actresses, singers, writers and Directors sent a letter to the President of France Emmanuel Makron with the request to take urgent action plan against violence against women. Among the signatories of the letter, the singer Imani, filmmaker Lisa Azuelos, writer Marie Driessen, theater and film actress Anna Mouglalis etc.

The appeal was against the backdrop of fierce at the beginning of October of the scandal surrounding film producer Harvey Weinstein, whose over 100 workers of the American film industry was accused of harassment. The accusations were made by American actress, Angelina Jolie, Gwyneth Paltrow, French singer look, Judith Godrich, Icelandic singer Bjork, the British actress Kate Beckinsale, lysette Anthony, Sophie Dix, etc.

In mid-October last year, the President of France announced that Weinstein will be deprived of the Legion of honour, which gentleman he became in 2012 the participation in the creation of the film “the Artist” (The Artist, 2011) by French Director Michel Hazanavichus. Macron also stated that it will “do everything possible” to fight against violence against women.