The signed joint plan of action to combat transnational crime and terrorism between Interpol and the OSCE.

The organization for security and cooperation in Europe and Interpol have agreed to join forces in combating transnational crime, including organized crime and terrorism.

Was signed the plan of joint actions in the fields of 45 European regional conference of Interpol, held in the Austrian town of Sankt Johann im Pongau.

“Three-year plan sets the priority areas for joint activities to strengthen the effectiveness of national Bureau of Interpol and the border checkpoints of member States of the OSCE,” – noted in the Secretariat.

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The main areas of cooperation include border security, combating terrorism, exchange of forensic and police data, combating trafficking in persons and smuggling of migrants, the fight against drug trafficking and tracking of firearms .

Signatures under the document was signed by the secretaries General of the OSCE Lamberto Zannier and Interpol Jurgen Stock.

The previous plan was signed in 2014.