The staff of the Special monitoring mission of the OSCE came under fire while in the Donetsk filter station (IPS) on Thursday, August 3, according to a report published on the OSCE website on Friday.

According to the report, with 9:40 in the morning of 3 August the SMM patrol of three armoured cars and ten people, including four employees of a contractor of the Mission was in the territory of the DFS. The Mission team observed the installation of cameras SMM on the roof of the administrative building of the station.

The joint center for control and coordination (SCCC) contributed to obtain security guarantees to ensure the observance of the ceasefire within a radius of 15 km, to allow the camera to be installed SMM.

“At 14:44, outside of armored vehicles , approximately 40 m North-East from the administrative building, a four-member patrol Mission heard the bursts of small arms, issued at approximately 1 km South-South-West, and immediately took refuge in armored vehicles. At the same time, other members of the SMM patrol and the workers were on the roof, heard above them hummed bullets, and took refuge inside the building”, – stated in the message.

“Within the first 10 minutes after that, the observers heard not less than 15 bursts of small arms. At 15:00, while did not stop small arms fire, members of the patrol Mission informed the JCCC and addressed to the Joint center to request surgical intervention. 15:30 fire ceased, and at 15:35 patrol, the SMM left the area and returned safely to their base in Donetsk. The work was not completed,” – said the OSCE.

The mission appealed to JCCC with the request to understand with this incident.

The President reminded that earlier, on 1 August representatives of the so-called”DNR” on two posts more than 7 hours kept the SMM convoy carrying in Donetsk the above equipment for the camera on the DFS.

DFS itself is located between government-controlled Avdiivka and in certain districts of Donetsk region, Yasynuvata, about 15 km North of Donetsk. In the South-South-East of the DFS is the village of Spartak, which is controlled by illegal armed groups.