The former leader of the Odessa cell of the radical group “Right sector” (banned in Russia) Sergey Sternenko published a list of stars of the Ukrainian and Russian pop stars who are “unwanted guests” in Odessa.

As noted radical in a post on his page in Facebook, the list includes bands and artists currently at the peak of popularity: the band “Mushroom” Mozgi, “Time and glass”, “Caspian shipping”, as well as Dj Smash, and rapper Basta. The ban came less well-known artists – Anton MC and poet Ah Astakhova, reports “Russian conversation”.

All of these groups and artists are “guilty” before the radical “Right sector” that at different times performed in Russia, particularly in Crimea.

Previously, the radicals tried to disrupt the concert of Svetlana Loboda at the Odessa club “Ibiza” on may 28. It all started with the fact that unknown people threw into the crowd two firecrackers . Then people threw smoke bombs. Someone used tear gas, and a brawl broke out. The police detained one of the activists, comrades tried to discourage him, but to no avail.