It was established that the above incident happened in the Pacific ring of fire. According to preliminary estimates, this region contains 328 of 440 active volcanoes. About it reports the edition Rossiiskii Dialog.

First in the Pacific ring of fire has revealed strange forms of life.

According to preliminary information, this is an area about a week ago there was a reawakening of the volcano Raikoke, which showed no signs of activity for nearly 100 years. Seismologists focused on the fact that he half threw plumes of ash on the 13-km altitude . You should also not forget about the Kamchatka Shiveluch, which is 24 June, began to throw the ashes to a height that reached four kilometers, and traces of ash were visible in the distance, which is 7-fold larger than previous figures.

New Guinea is still reeling from the seismic shocks, the strength of which was equal to almost six points. Recently, Australian authorities had to urgently carry out the evacuation of residents of the settlement of Darwin, as was the likelihood of a devastating earthquake.

Previously it was noted that began stirring up the Pacific ring of fire. Recall that scientists do not understand how to eliminate the great Pacific garbage patch.