“Kremlin report” added to the oligarchs of problems

Russian oligarchs are beginning to face additional inspections due to contact with the so-called “the Kremlin list” prepared by the US authorities.

Russian billionaires from the “Kremlin report” prepared by the U.S. Treasury, faced with the first problem. It is reported Bloomberg.

As noted, the Russian oligarchs are beginning to face additional checks, at least, associated with some financial transactions, after the US publication of the list of rich Russians, identified as allies of President Vladimir Putin”, – writes the edition.

One wealthy Russians anonymously reported that concerned about the deal with foreign partners, which is intended to close in the coming months. Due to its figuritively in the list of the U.S. Treasury from 210 Russian billionaires and officials, it can be broken . Another oligarch said that his reputation has seriously suffered.

“Network Financial Integrity Network, which advises banks and other enterprises on issues of illicit financial threats, urged customers to carefully examine transactions involving any of them (“the Kremlin list” – ed.). The firm proposed to be considered as “politically exposed persons” – a classification for people who pose a higher risk of involvement in bribery or corruption due to their position and influence,” the message reads.

At that time, as some Russian businessmen have started to take precautionary measures in August, when Congress passed a law requiring the list, the publication of the list prompted some banks to strengthen control over their transactions.

Recall that the U.S. Treasury has published “the Kremlin list”, which included almost the entire leadership of the Russian Federation and major Russian businessmen – more than 200 people. The list was prepared in accordance with the law “On combating the enemies of America through sanctions”, which was adopted in the U.S. in the summer of 2017.

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