The separation of “Naftogaz of Ukraine” and selling it in parts, on the necessity that informed the adviser said President Vladimir Zelensky on macroeconomic policy Oleg Ustenko, is a threat to the judicial process with the Russian “Gazprom” and energy security of the country, according to “Naftogaz”.

“Dismemberment” is almost always hype and big box office. Thanks to Tarantino, we have reached a new level of evaluation of this action. But in real life does not always “take and divide” is the best option. Especially when the company acts as a guarantor of energy security of the country in terms of the unpredictable actions of the Kremlin leadership, as well as participates in major international trial against the “Gazprom”, – stated in the message of the company on the social network Facebook.

As noted in the “Naftogaz”, the company is closer to the philosophy of “transform or die.

As reported, earlier the adviser of the President of Ukraine on macroeconomic policy and Executive Director of the International Fund Bleyzer Ustenko said that large state companies-monopolists, in particular JSC “Ukrzaliznytsia” (UZ) and “Naftogaz” should be split into parts and sold.

“How to move “our ship with a thick stranded”, where it is now? The development of competition, de-monopolization of the economy. Existing “monsters” should be “killed” and “dismembered.” I mean “Naftogaz”, “Ukrzaliznytsya”. Those “monsters” that tend to live and breathe is not given, for example, the State food and grain Corporation should just leave,” he said on the air “Radio HB” on Monday.