Ukrainian cities and villages will not develop, if the government were to transfer to local governments of their commitments on financing and utility incentives, subsidies and spending on health and education, says co-Chairman of party “Our land” Alexander Mazurchak.

According to him, the government is trying to shift the responsibility on the shoulders of local budgets. “On the one hand, officials say the local community along with get a number of decentralization of authority and budget increase. And on the other – are transferred to local budgets of a lot of obligations, not paying attention to the lack of financial and infrastructural possibilities. If the government does not know where to get the money, let them reduce the inflated cost of the machine and save the budget-2018 necessary by Mercedes officials, not money communities”, – said A. Mazurchak channel “Direct” .

He noted that the party “Our land” needs to ensure the financing of benefits and subsidies for housing and communal services in full from the state budget, and also to ensure payment of subsidies for education and medicine.

“Incentives and subsidies, financing of education and medicine, subvention on transportation of preferential categories is state guarantees, which should not be financed from local budgets. If the government decided to place part of the costs, something has to give and new sources of revenue. But it does not. Only the compensation for the preferential fares in the next year should be not less than UAH 2.5 bn subsidy on education should be increased to 4.5 billion UAH, medicine – 7 billion UAH. Local budgets should Finance decisions at the local level. Social guarantees of the state should be financed from the state budget”, – said Alexander Mazurchak.

Co-Chairman of party “Our land” reminded that the increase of the educational subsidy is not provided, while the teachers promised to increase wages by 25%.

“The medical sector is already under-funded today by 30%. Due to the lack of government subsidies to physicians withhold wages. Of course, Ministers do not need modern education and medicine in Ukraine, their children are studying abroad, and they themselves treated in Baden-Baden! So you can throw all the problems on local governments – let them think about how to pay salaries and repay public debt”, – said A. Mazurchak.