In the Danish city of Horsholm police have issued the first penalty to a woman of Muslim origin.


World news:

The incident happened on Friday at the Mall of Horsholm, which is located in the suburbs of Copenhagen.

The fact that from August 1 has enacted a law that prohibits to hide the face in public places, otherwise, the offender faces a fine.

The occasion was a fight between two women in a shopping Mall, during which one of them tore the Muslim headdress niqab from the face of the other. On this incident arrived at the scene the police. By the time the victim managed to wear the niqab again Seba, commented on the police officers.

Reported by the BBC.

After reviewing the CCTV, police fined the 28-year-old woman 1,000 kronor (134 Euro) and announced that she had to charge her, if she refuses to remove headgear, in the territory of the shopping center. The woman chose to leave .

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According to the law, his repeated violations are punishable by additional fines of up to CZK 10 000 or imprisonment for a term not exceeding six months.

In addition, the law prescribes punishment for anyone forced anyone to wear hats or other clothing that conceals the face, up to two years of imprisonment.

It should be noted that the public and human rights groups have welcomed the new law criticism and protests.

Wednesday, August 1, in the capital organized a demonstration where protesters women in traditional Burg and veil, standing next to men in traditional headdresses, expressed his disagreement with the new law.

Similar laws also apply in other European countries: in France and Belgium – in 2011, Austria – October 2017

Austrian law, for example, prescribes the requirement for Muslims to adapt to European traditions.