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The Pentagon is studying the possibility of a long-term programme of support to Ukraine in the security sphere. According to acting Minister of defense Mark Esper, in the case of the leadership of the defense Department, he will review the issue, reports “UKRINFORM”.

News on topic: In 2020 the US plans to increase military assistance to Ukraine, – Chaly

“If my candidate (for the position of head of the Pentagon. – ed.) will be approved, I will conduct more testing in this matter with the commander of the Us command in Europe, Deputy defense Minister for political Affairs and the Chairman of the joint chiefs of staff,” – said Esper.

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According to him, external factors, such as the long processes of Contracting and procurement, limit the ability to quickly put the service in context of Initiative to support Ukraine in the sphere of security (USAI). However, if the Pentagon will be able to absorb the funds for a multi-year period, the Agency will be able to provide Ukraine with comprehensive forms of military support, such as the lethal system of Maritime defence, said the Esper.

We will remind, in June the US Senate approved the draft law on the defence budget for 2020, which envisages the allocation of military assistance to Ukraine in the amount of $ 300 million.

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