The Belgians will be obliged to sew masks

The Belgians will give the piece a special fabric from which residents will be able to sew a mask.

The Belgian authorities rejected the idea of free distribution of masks to the population after a quarantine. Instead, the Belgians will give the filter fabric, so that each could sew a mask. On Sunday, April 19, told the local newspaper Le Soir.

According to the publication, the mayors of all 19 Brussels municipalities received the letter in which heads of local authorities have been informed that the idea of free distribution of masks will not be realized. Instead, residents of the Kingdom “will be giving away pieces of the filter cloth, from which they will be able to make masks at home.”

To distribute the cloth among the subjects of the Kingdom will be local officials.

Medical masks, which Belgium now purchases abroad or trying to improve their own production, “will be distributed via normal commercial channels,” that is, will be sent to the pharmacy where currently, this type of product is in very short supply.

The head of the government of Belgium Sophie Wilmes, announcing the extension of the quarantine in the country from April 19 to may 3, stressed that “the wearing of fabric masks would be recommended in any situation where it is impossible to keep a safe social distance”.

Earlier the US announced an easing of the quarantine. Thus, the American States of Texas and Vermont early next week will allow certain categories of enterprises to resume work, despite the spread of coronavirus.

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