Odessa oblast in the Verkhovna Rada will represent the nine deputies elected from the party “servant of the people”, and two independent candidates.

According to information posted on the website of the Central election Commission, after processing 100% of electronic protocols of the acting people’s Deputy from the faction “Block of Petro Poroshenko”, the independent candidate Alexey Goncharenko won the elections in single-mandate constituency №137. He was supported by the 29,55% of the voters.

Competitors Goncharenko district were 21 candidates, including the representative of the party “servant of the people” Alexander Mukhin, supported by 24,45% of the voters.

The acting head of the Odessa regional Council, the self-promoted worker Anatoly Urban won the elections to the Parliament in single-mandate constituency №143 with the support of 56.95% of the voters.

Other single-member districts of Odessa region in the Parliament will represent the party candidates from the “servant of the people” – Artem Dmitruk (OIO No. 133, 32,66%), Oleg Kolev (No. 134, by 35.11%), Alexei Leonov (No. 135, 40,21%), Alexander Gerenuk (No. 136, of 47.07%), Stepan Cherniavsky (No. 138, of 37.28%), Igor Vasylkivsky (No. 139, 34,18%), Sergey Kolbasin (No. 140, 43,11%), Alexander Tkachenko (No. 141, 36,83%), Anton Kisse (No. 142, 28,58%).