New photo in the microblog Vaenga has touched and admired its subscribers.

About it
according to “Russian conversation”.

Popular Russian
singer, songwriter, and actress Britney spears, in addition to his career
stairs, is also involved in the education of his four year old son Ivan.

The other day
the woman posted on his official page in social network “Instagram”
a new photo, which shows her heir. The immediately provoked a storm
emotions in the admirers of the actress.

On the frame
depicted as a little four year old boy helps adults in the garden.
Attentive users enthusiastically noticed the enthusiasm with which he
is engaged in planting potatoes. Fans in admiration wrote about hard-working
the child was raised well. Many comments were focused on that
grow a real man, who will be a worthy member of society .

As a reminder,
what popular singer has tied the knot with the Novel by Sarybaeva in
last year. Rumor has it that her future husband Vaenga and
birth of Ivan in 2012. But this is only speculation users, because
shortly before the appearance of the son of the woman broke up with your ex
beloved Ivan Matvienko. We note a rather strange coincidence
circumstances – both of the men’s name Ivan. About this
the father of the child Elena reviews still does not.