KUBINKA /Moscow oblast/. August 27. /TASS/. Russian aerobatic team “Strizhi”, “Falcons of Russia”, “Berkut” and the Turkish group “Turkish stars” carried out a demonstration flight over range “Alabino” in the last day of the forum “Army-2017”, informed journalists in the press center of the forum.

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Turkish stars: performance of the aerobatic team on the forum “Army-2017”

“Today by the aerobatic team “Swifts” and “Eagles” on the MiG-29 and helicopters Mi-28N, respectively, and has demonstrated aerobatics in the group. The crews of the aerobatic team “Falcons of Russia” showed elements of the passing maneuver air combat pair by pair on the latest su-35S,- reported in the press center. – And the pilots of the aerobatic team “Turkish stars” carried out a demonstration flight over the airfield Kubinka on the F-5″ .

In addition, the crews of army aviation Air and space forces performed a landing of airborne troops and carried out fire support from the air, reported in the press center.

“Also at the airfield Kubinka will be the dynamic display of technical capabilities of aircraft, standing on the arms of the Russian space forces. In it will be attended by the crews of the su-30SM, Yak-130, Ka-52 of the aerobatic team “Russian Knights”, “Swifts” and “Falcons of Russia”, – said the press center.