In the Odessa region during the monitoring of the coastline of the Cuciurgan reservoir the Ukrainian guards together with the divers found a plastic pipe with a diameter of 32 mm, which was planned to illegally smuggle alcohol from Moldova to Ukraine.

As reported in the press service of the State border service of Ukraine, the pipeline was laid along the bottom of the Cuciurgan estuary from Moldova to Ukraine in the direction of the “Dniester Liman”. With its help, the attackers allegedly planned illegal to move alcohol in Ukraine.

“The pipeline was installed recently and has not been used on purpose, after all, did not contain the characteristic smell of alcohol”, – is told in the message.

The militiamen, using the edge of the boat, dismantled the part of the hose that led to the state border, the other part of spirtovogo was securely fastened to the Moldovan side.

The length of the removed pipe was 150 m .