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Gerard Pique got away with a gesture to the fans in the away match 22-th round of the championship of Spain against Espanyol (1:1), reports Scoring a goal back in the 82nd minute after a cross from Lionel Messi’s free-kick, the defender of “Barcelona” has appealed to the fans of the rivals, putting a finger to her lips.

In late January, the Peak of one of the statements insulted “Espanyol”, calling it a club from the suburbs of Barcelona. The management of “Hispaniola” thought the statement of the player xenophobic and have complained to the football Federation of Spain and La Liga.

After the Catalan Derby in the framework of the 22nd round of the championship of Spain La Liga condemned the gesture Peak . The lawyer escaped suspension, which could last from one to three matches. The Committee on the conduct of the competition announced that the punishment of the Peak would need to disqualify players for such violations after almost every round.