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MOSCOW, may 7. /Offset. TASS Anton Stories/. The reason for an unsuccessful season, “Tom” in the championship of Russia on football in the manual, and the players can be proud that they fought to the end. This opinion TASS expressed the midfielder Alexei Pugin.

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“Tom” retired from the Russian football Premier League

The results of the games of the 27th round of the championship of Tomsk club lost the chance to keep a place in the Premier League for next season. In December it became known about the big financial problems of residents, most of the players that have not been paid since the beginning of the season, left the team, many of them tore up the contracts unilaterally through the Chamber of dispute resolution of the Russian football Union (RFU ).

Moreover, the club from the RFU imposed a ban could not declare new players during the winter registration period, so head coach Valery Petrakov in the second part of the season, was forced to rely mainly on the players, previously played in the youth team.

“Nobody was ready, but it happened. Basically, they say that the cause must be sought in myself, I’m looking for but can not find it, – admitted Pugin. It’s all in the manual, which destroyed the team. Not sure what the point was to get to the Premier League, so to destroy everything?”.

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Petrakov said that he is willing to stay on as head coach of FC “Tom”

According to the source TASS, the club does not communicate with the team. “Of course, I would like to (mingle – approx. TASS). How else? You do your job, and nobody never comes on and says nothing, only some people are fed Breakfast, but no specifics there,” he added.

“The only one in this situation and I am very proud for myself and for young people, – said the midfielder. – When young guys are fighting, I want to play and fight for them, despite the fact that we’ve got leadership.”

“Not thinking about the future”

Pugin noted the work Petrakova. “I think Valery Yurievich did everything I could. He did a lot for us old folks and for young children. At least according to the results it is evident”, – he said.

Earlier Petrakov said that Pugin has an offer from another club. “Honestly, don’t know anything yet. Didn’t even think about the future,” commented the midfielder.

“Tom” came to the Premier League last season, finishing third in the championship of Football national League (FNL) and beaten in the play-offs Krasnodar “Kuban”.