NEW YORK, June 22. /Offset. TASS Natalia Slavina/. Naum Korzhavin will be buried in Russia, to a Moscow cemetery. About this in an interview with TASS said Friday the daughter of the poet Helena Rubinstein .

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Biography Of Naum Korzhavin

“His last wish was that he always wanted for a long time and a lot of times talked about to be buried in Russia,” said the daughter of the poet. Currently, funeral arrangements do the friends of the family. “Our friends are working on that now, trying to get a place in the cemetery in Moscow, and I very much hope that you will find, and dad will be buried in Russia, as he wanted to,” she said.

Next Sunday is the ceremony of the funeral Naum Korzhavin, and next Saturday, 30 of June will be the farewell in the United States. “Farewell, a memorial service for friends, family, acquaintances and all interested will be held next Saturday,’ said Helena Rubinstein. The ceremony will be held in the Russian Church in the small town of Maban of North Carolina, which in recent years has lived and worked poet. This will be followed by the cremation procedure and the urn with the ashes transported to Russia, where he will be buried.

Poet, novelist, translator and playwright Nahum Korzhavin died Friday, June 22, in 93-m to year of life as a result of congestive heart failure at his home, located in the University town of Chapel Hill, North Carolina. There he lived with his daughter and her family. Korzhavin – winner of several literary awards, including the “Big book” (2006), “the Crown” (2015) and “the Poet” (2016).