LONDON, June 5. /Offset. TASS Ilya Dmitriev, Maxim Ryzhkov/. British authorities announced the names of two of the three terrorists in a rented minibus on the night of June 4, brought down pedestrians on London bridge, and then attacked bystanders with knives, who rested Saturday night in the borough market-market. They were people of London.

All this is happening against the backdrop of enhanced security measures and mourning ceremonies dedicated to the victims of the crime. Meanwhile, the efficiency of the British police are beginning to arise more and more questions, and the attack completely shifted the focus of the election campaign for early parliamentary elections, which left only three days.

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The names of the terrorists, the police called in the late afternoon. According to Scotland Yard, the perpetrators of the attack were Redvan Rashid and Khurram butt . The name of the third terrorist is installed, but according to media reports, he is a foreigner.

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On the bridges of London introduced additional security measures

“27-year-old Khurram butt shazad was of British citizen born in Pakistan. 30-year-old Rashid Redvan, born July 31, 1986, as alleged, were either Moroccan or Libyan. He also was posing as Rasheed Aldara born 31 July 1991,” reads the communiqué of the Metropolitan police.

The investigators of Scotland Yard has appealed to the public with a request to report to the authorities information about specific individuals, about the places that they usually visited, and also about their movements in the last days or hours before the attack.

Despite the foreign citizenship of one of the terrorists, the attackers lived in the UK, in East London. The head of the Metropolitan police Cressida dick gave to understand that recent terrorist attacks and terrorist plots faced by the UK (including three of the committed terrorist act, and five broken by the authorities), was organized not abroad and within the country.

Criticism of police actions

Against this background, the police there are more questions. Given the fact that the BATT is already came into the view of guards, as a member of an extremist cell, the Financial Times blames Scotland Yard for the weakening of attention to the potential threat posed by the Islamist. “Khurram butt, one of the three men who attacked the London bridge, was a well-known member of the extremist group of British Islamists – a revelation that raises questions about how the security services monitor potential threats,” the newspaper said.

The British media recalled in this connection that the butt in 2015 was seen in the documentary national channel of British television. In it, he appears in the group of Muslims who in London’s Regent’s Park pray on the background of the flag of the terrorist group “Islamic state” (IG, is prohibited in Russia).

Terrorism in the centre of the election campaign

The leader of the labour party Jeremy Corbyn joined the calls for the resignation of the Prime Minister and leader of ruling Conservative party Theresa may. According to him, Mei is responsible for the decrease in the number of guards on 20 thousand in the period when it is from 2010 to 2016 was the head of the Ministry of internal Affairs of the United Kingdom. According to labour, this reduction has directly contributed to the decrease in the level of public security in the country.

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Answering the question of correspondent of TV channel ITV, whether he is ready to support the calls for the resignation of the Prime Minister, the labour leader said: “of Course, I would support, because such appeals are heard from very responsible people who are very concerned that she was the head of the interior Ministry all this time, when there was a reduction in the number of police officers, and now he says that we have a problem. Yes we have a problem as we never had to reduce the number of police personnel.”

On the background of statements of the leader of the labour party, consisting of the party, the mayor of London Sadiq Khan has harshly criticized the system of financing the Metropolitan police, making it clear that under the government of the Conservative party, Scotland Yard will face hard times. “The facts are that over the past 7 years, the city has lost 600 million pounds ($773 million) of budgetary funds, we had to close police stations, to sell the police building, we have lost thousands of police officers”, – informed the mayor of London.

The future Scotland Yard, as presented by Khan, looks very sad. “Over the next four years there are plans to further reduce 400 million pounds ($515 million) of the articles of the city budget aimed at the implementation of police functions. There are plans to change the formula for financing the police, which can mean the loss of another 700 million pounds ($901 million) in addition to this, leading to a complete loss of our police budget in the amount of 1.7 billion pounds ($2.2 billion).

The British meanwhile remember the victims of the tragedy. Place on the right Bank of the river Thames, people bring flowers and candles. On Tuesday, across the UK at 11:00 o’clock will be announced the minute of silence.