Division of national police of the Donetsk region are transferred to the strengthened mode of service and are involved in conducting counter-subversive activities in the area, thanks to the past days in region has not recorded any case of committing a grave or especially grave crimes.

“Thanks to the maximum security measures over the past day has not admitted a single grave and especially grave crimes. In the call center 102 has received 529 calls, most of them the message about domestic conflicts and the treatment and informational. The police of the Donetsk region urges citizens to be sensitive to temporary security measures, aimed at saving lives,” – said in a statement released Monday by the Department of communication of the police of the Donetsk region reported.

In particular, according to the police, reinforced work on identification of illegal weapons at checkpoints. Activities aimed at the safety of the citizens continue .

According to the ATO headquarters, over the past days in Donetsk oblast has considerably increased the threat of terrorist attacks. Recorded attempts to penetrate into the territory controlled by Ukraine, and sabotage-reconnaissance groups of the enemy.

In connection with the aggravation of the situation, the ATO staff are kontrdiversionnoy events and imposed additional restrictions.

“In these events, the police has strengthened the work in all directions. Furthermore, there are thorough checks at checkpoints, roads and in crowded places”, – noted in the Department of national police of Ukraine in Donetsk region.

At the same time, a number of public activists and military report that police at checkpoints stop volunteers. In particular, according to the head of the mobile training team “Marusina bears” airborne APU Helena bilen’kii, better known under the pseudonym “Mary Zviroby”, the security forces do not allow cars with humanitarian aid from volunteers at the checkpoints near Slavyansk and Kramatorsk Donetsk region.

“Call volunteers. Under Slavyansk, Kramatorsk are loaded by machine. At checkpoints order volunteers not to miss” – she wrote on his page on the social network Facebook on Monday.

In turn, the Ukrainian writer, musician and volunteer Serhiy Zhadan on his page on the social network Facebook also reported the problem with the entrance to the Slavyansk. “Standing at the checkpoint in Sloviansk with a group of musicians. Today we have two performances before the war. Do not miss. Refer to some new order. Guess I passed because of the blockade,” he said and expressed hope that the concerts will still be able to play.