Brussels police announced that by Saturday evening the situation with the riots in different places of the commune of Anderlecht brought under control, reported Belgian media.

In this case, citing a police source, they clarify that the operation of the complete elimination of rebellion can last until late at night or even Sunday morning.

The same source indicated that it had arrested 25 people. Currently, whether this court arrests or administrative detention. During the pacification of riots, one person was injured.

As reported in Saturday riots broke out in the Brussels commune of Anderlecht.

Many of the inhabitants of the commune took to the streets to protest against the deaths of the night before, 19-year-old young man during the pursuit by a police patrol.

The authorities had to deploy large police forces. Arrived at the scene of a water cannon to disperse the crowd and was told off a police helicopter to monitor the situation.

Local youth came into direct collision with the police, pelted them with stones. Was broken a lot on the streets parked cars, destroyed the city’s design. Suffered police car.

The participants of the riot blamed the police for the death of his classmate.

On Friday evening two young men rode on the scooters in the centre, in violation of the restrictions in terms of the epidemic of the coronavirus and attracted the attention of a police patrol, decided to check their documents.

One of them tried to escape. The patrol began to pursue him. One of the patrol cars went to meet him. The driver of the scooter, overtaking a truck crashed into front left fender of the police car and died on the spot.