Pope Francis



Photo: autonews.autoua.net

Pope Francis chose the Nissan Leaf over a large “Tesla”.

Founder investment funds Jochen Wermuth invited to the Vatican to get temporary free use of an electric car. Choosing between the Tesla Model S and Nissan Leaf , Pope Francis gave preference to the hatchback from the Japanese brand.

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Jochen Wermuth personally delivered the electric car to the Vatican and informed him of the Pontiff, known for modesty in the home and calls to fight for the preservation of the environment. White Nissan Leaf complements the garage of the Holy see one year.

On the roads of Germany were two “mutually exclusive” record of the accident

The previous Pope, Benedict XVI, is also sometimes used electric car – a specially prepared Renault Kangoo Z. E . Electric car of the French brand to the Pope in September 2012 passed the head of the Alliance Renault Nissan , Carlos Ghosn.