Saulis Svirnelis – Beata Szydlo – Jüri Ratas Maris Kuchinskis

Mon, 8 May 2017


The Prime Minister of Estonia noted similar positions of the Baltic States and Poland on security situation in the region.

In the Baltic States and Poland are equally concerned about the situation of security in the Baltic sea region, European security will be one of the priorities of Estonia’s presidency in the European Union, said Monday the head of the Estonian government jüri Ratas (Juri Ratas).

“We have the same understanding about security ,” said Yuri Ratas, summing up on Monday at a press conference in Tallinn the following meeting of the Council of Ministers of the Baltic States with participation of the Prime Minister of Poland Beate Szydlo, stressing that the security situation is currently “in the Baltic sea region is alarming”.

The head of the Estonian government said that all the Baltic States and Poland should make efforts to protect Europe and security. “A good example of cooperation with NATO allies,” – said the Prime Minister of Estonia.

Yuri Ratas reminded that from 1 July Estonia will chair the EU presidency. “We will have four priorities: open and seeking to update the European economy, safe and secure Europe, digital Europe, attractive and sustainable Europe”, – said the head of the Estonian government.

According to the Prime Minister of Latvia Marisa Kuchinskisa (Maris Kucinskis), the Baltic States and Poland must comply with the objectives set at the Warsaw summit of NATO, and actively cooperate.” They should also “actively engaged in strategic communication to counter the propaganda.”

The head of the Lithuanian government Saulis Svirnelis (Saulius Skvernelis) drew attention to the importance of cooperation in energy and infrastructure. The construction of high-speed railway Rail Baltic “is a priority of Lithuania. It is important that joined Poland and upgraded its rail infrastructure,” he wished the Prime Minister of Lithuania.

For its part, the Prime Minister of Poland B. Szydlo assured that “the Baltic States are very important partners for Poland given the current situation in the field of security”. She noted that Polish soldiers participated in military exercises in the Baltic States. B. Szydlo also spoke in favor of implementing energy and transport projects.

As have informed in a press-service of the government of Estonia, the main topics of a meeting of four Prime Ministers have become border security, energy and transportation infrastructure, as well as the future of the EU.

After the meeting, the heads of government will visit the project for a regional LNG terminal in Paldiski (Paldiski). Through this the city will also run the Balticconnector gas pipeline connecting the gas systems of Estonia and Finland.