The President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky in connection with the current situation holds a meeting in the near future will make a decision in defense of national security, including of information, said his representative in the Verkhovna Rada Ruslan Stefanchuk.

“Today in the morning and still going on the meeting with the President of Ukraine concerning the situation… In the near future the President of Ukraine will adopt a decision aimed at protecting national, including informational security of Ukraine. The President of Ukraine will make every effort to stop attempts to incite aggression, hostility, and stop it immediately in the Bud,” said Stefanchuk at the meeting of the conciliatory Council of Parliament on Monday in Kiev.

Earlier on July 12, was announced a teleconference between forbidden in Ukraine by the Russian TV channel “Russia-24” TV channel NewsOne, what in the program “Vesti Nedeli” on TV channel “Russia 1” said the Russian TV presenter Dmitry Kiselev.

On the TV channel NewsOne said that the teleconference will be a “dialogue between the peoples of Ukraine and Russia” for the sake of “peace”, Apollonova to the teleconference Vladimir Pozner and Phil Donahue in the 80-ies, which “marked the beginning of the communication between Nations (USSR and USA)”. At the same time, NewsOne does not specify the name of the channel, which will host the teleconference.

Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada Andriy Parubiy called on the security Service of Ukraine to react to the announced teleconference, and the national Council on television and radio broadcasting to consider the question of revocation of the “anti-media” of broadcasting.

Acting head of the security Service of Ukraine Ivan Bakanov has asked President Vladimir Zelensky to convene an extraordinary meeting of the Council in connection with the intention of “NewsOne” to hold a teleconference with the Russian Federation.






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