Amina Gurib-Fakim

Amina Gurib-Fakim have used the credit card a non-governmental organization Institute of Earth for personal purposes. She bought jewelry and “luxury goods” for 25 thousand euros .

The President of the island nation of Mauritius in the Indian ocean Amina Gurib-Fakim resigned due to financial scandal. As stated in Saturday, March 17, her lawyer Yousuf Mohamed, Gurib-Fakim leaving his post in the “national interest”.

According to him, the resignation should take effect next Friday – March 23.

It is noted that the first woman President of Mauritius has accused that she used the credit card of a non-governmental organization Institute for planet Earth (Planet Earth Institute) for personal purposes. Among other things, she purchased jewelry and “luxury goods” in the amount of not less than 25 thousand euros.

According to the most Gurib-Fakim, credit or debit card to make personal purchases she used “accidentally”, and spent the money immediately reimbursed by non-governmental organizations. The refund was confirmed in “the Institute of planet Earth.”

Gurib-Fakim – the world famous scientist-biologist. In 2015 she joined the London Institute of planet Earth for the development of scientific capacity in Africa. In may 2016, she received a credit card from the organization to cover the travel costs and logistics associated with its role in the organization.

We will remind, in November 2017года the British defence Secretary Michael Fallon has resigned because of a scandal about inappropriate behaviour in communicating with a journalist in 2002.

Source: the Ukrainian service of Deutsche Welle

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